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“Grim” will be my first book to be released as a digital publication. A thriller with horror & fantastic pinches, it will be firstly released on Amazon’s Kindle Store. I have been working extensively on a translation and upload of both English and Portuguese languages versions is scheduled to mid-April.
If  you would like some hints on “Grim”, try “The Thanatoscopyst”.

The Thanatoscopyst

“The Thanatoscopyst” is a group of short stories portraying the first professional steps of young Felix Nähener, a teenager who inherits his father’s laboratory of forensic analysis, at the same time he discovers he has also inherited the old man’s extrasensory abilities. “The Thanatoscopyst” short stories are a prelude to “Grim”, and they introduce some of the main characters of the book.

Past released work

Other books I have published were released just as traditional paperback limited editions, which were outsold. I have been studying the best way to re-release them in the future, but since these books belong to widely different genres to those I intend to release in the near future, my plan is to work to make them available as digital editions after the next group of projects is accomplished, which may take some time from now.


My name is Christiano Sensi. I have written, directed and produced theater plays, short films and commercials up to 2008, when I published my first novel following the first of a row of Brazilian state sponsorship prizes I won with my projects and productions. From then on, I focused my efforts on literature and mainstream filmmaking, working also as a scriptwriter and as an executive producer. I have written and directed shorts, commercials and documentaries such as “Secular Beauties”, a take on the art of sculpture, and produced movies such as the Brazilian action thriller “2 Rabbits”, the MMA local hit “Stronger than the World” and coordinated the local unit production for “Solace”, featured by Anthony Hopkins and Colin Farrel. Meanwhile, I published my second book as a print edition, a novel based on actual events and history research.

I have always kept “the ball running” while chasing my dreams, and writing has been one of my passions, since it generally is the core of creative endeavor. However, given the slow pace and limited reach of the Brazilian film and book markets, and out of pure impatience, I have recently started adapting some of my screenplays and other texts as books and short stories and decided to give them a showcase in the digital publishing marketing. This website is one of the results of that – love for writing and lack of patience.