“The Thanatoscopyst” – short story #1

“The Thanatoscopyst – short story I – Causa Mortis: Automobile accident” (or “How to break the 1st. rule”)

Time has come for Felix to take over the business left by his father: the Nähener Tanatoscopy Laboratory, which has been passed down from father to son for generations.
Everything would be okay, if the unusual task that awaits him was not … Taking care of the dead, doing forensic analysis for police purposes and preparing the deceased for funeral ceremonials.

As if that was not enough, he will discover that his father’s inheritance goes far beyond the laboratory, and includes an unpredictable extrasensory ability that will catch him by surprise and make Felix realize that the line between being alive or dead is much more blurred than he might think…

The first of three short stories, “The Thanatoscopyst” is already available in the Amazon Kindle Store, in Portuguese and English versions. It is not necessary to have the device to read it, you can easily install the Kindle application and read the stories on a computer, mobile phone, i-phone etc. Each story costs the fortune of US$ 0.99, and can be read for free by Kindle Unlimited subscribers, which also allow a free 30-day trial subscription. Read “The Tanatoscopist” short story here.

The other two short stories will be released throughout next February and March.

“The Thanatoscopyst” short story trio anticipates the book “Grim”, which is due to be digitally released in late April, 2018, and introduces some of the main characters of the upcoming book. The stories of Felix Nähener, however, have their own universe and plot, and can be read independently.

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