Add-ons and E-mail list subscription

As much as my time and resources allow me, I will try to provide complementary material to enrich readers’ experience. This is the idea concerning the add-ons page on the site. Although I intend to have it filled with downloadable stuff in the near future, some of the additional texts will come firstly through links provided inside the books or short stories, as the first one – “The Man Who Killed Death”, a short that will be available to readers who buy “Phaenomena”.

And yes, I am also using the e-mail subscription strategy, but with the best of the intentions. And my intention is to let interested readers know when I have a new book launch, to send them new free shorts and to let them know in advance when something is to be offered under a free promotion. I honestly think that readers will benefit from it.

If you think otherwise or have any suggestions, please leave a comment or send a message, you will be mostly welcome.

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